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Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Counselor in the Bishopric is calling, should I answer the phone?

I got a phone call from Bro. Long (Bishopric Counselor) this week that went something like this:

"Sister Bates, your name has come up"


"The Bishop said that is was OK for me to ask you this, but that you are only to do it if it won't overwhelm you, because we know that being Relief Society President is overwhelming enough.  Just know that you can say 'no', I promise I won't make fun of you over the pulpit for it, I may make fun of you for something else, but not for this!"

 "OK Rich, now your scaring me!"

"Your name has come up as someone the YW's leaders would like to have be in charge of the kitchen at girls camp."

At this point memories of being in charge of the food for Stake Youth Conference several years ago are flooding through my mind and my insides start to churn as I hesitantly ask,

 "Is this stake or ward girls camp and where in the desert are we camping?"

My stomach begins to settle when he replies,

 "It's ward camp with 6 girls in the Scow's family cabin up in the mountains."  

My breathing returns to normal as he continues,

 "You would be responsible to plan the meals and purchase the food but everyone is expected to help prepare, serve and clean-up."

So let's think about this, I would be "camping" in June at a cabin in the COOL of the mountains, with a stove, refrigerator, running water, inside plumbing = warm showers and good friends.  Except for the fact that Jeff won't be there, what's not to love about this?  Now, I know what you are thinking - "that's not camping!" - and it may not be for a bunch of strong, young women, but for this "girl" it's about the only kind of  "Girls Camp" you're going to get me to cook at!