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Friday, July 3, 2009

Trying something new, dangerous, life-threating!

So guess who went to Girls Camp this year as the cook...You guessed it! I won't give you a detailed report of everything that happened but I did try something new and challenging... Repelling! Yes this 51 year old grandmother repelled down a 60 foot cliff! I attached a picture, although not the most becoming picture of me, you have to remember that I was taking my life in my hands and was very intent on listening to Kelly Corder's (the experts)instructions. But even with all my attention focused on Kelly, I still managed to lose my footing, hit into the side of the rock and end up with the rope in between my legs. How that happened I still don't know, but I do remember looking up at him and saying, very calmly, "What do I need to do?" He told me to swing my leg up and over the rope and get my feet underneath me, which at the time made absolutely no sense to me, but I knew, that he knew what to do and I had to put my faith in that. So I did exactly what he said and was able to get my footing back and finish my decent. Thinking about that experience later, I compared it to my relationship with my Savior. I need to constantly work on building my trust and faith in the Lord so that when I lose my spiritual footing I will know without a doubt where to look, and say to Him "What do I need to do?" and then have the faith to do whatever needs to be done, even if it doesn't make sense to me at the time, to get my "feet" underneath me and continue on the path to my goal, Eternal Life with those I love.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Counselor in the Bishopric is calling, should I answer the phone?

I got a phone call from Bro. Long (Bishopric Counselor) this week that went something like this:

"Sister Bates, your name has come up"


"The Bishop said that is was OK for me to ask you this, but that you are only to do it if it won't overwhelm you, because we know that being Relief Society President is overwhelming enough.  Just know that you can say 'no', I promise I won't make fun of you over the pulpit for it, I may make fun of you for something else, but not for this!"

 "OK Rich, now your scaring me!"

"Your name has come up as someone the YW's leaders would like to have be in charge of the kitchen at girls camp."

At this point memories of being in charge of the food for Stake Youth Conference several years ago are flooding through my mind and my insides start to churn as I hesitantly ask,

 "Is this stake or ward girls camp and where in the desert are we camping?"

My stomach begins to settle when he replies,

 "It's ward camp with 6 girls in the Scow's family cabin up in the mountains."  

My breathing returns to normal as he continues,

 "You would be responsible to plan the meals and purchase the food but everyone is expected to help prepare, serve and clean-up."

So let's think about this, I would be "camping" in June at a cabin in the COOL of the mountains, with a stove, refrigerator, running water, inside plumbing = warm showers and good friends.  Except for the fact that Jeff won't be there, what's not to love about this?  Now, I know what you are thinking - "that's not camping!" - and it may not be for a bunch of strong, young women, but for this "girl" it's about the only kind of  "Girls Camp" you're going to get me to cook at! 

Monday, March 16, 2009

The follow-up story...

So, as a follow-up to the "Young Marrieds" Fireside, since I know you have been waiting in anticipation all week to hear this... after all was said and done there were 6 gallons of chocolate and 2 gallons of white milk, about 8 doz. cookies and some bananas left over. No donuts or grapes! They had about 120 people come, but it lasted for over 2 hours! Although it was really informative, 2 hours after being in meetings all day, is about an hour too long! Several people left around 8:30 PM because they had baby-sitters that they had to get home (it was a school night). So Jeff's planning would have been fairly accurate if everyone had stayed for refreshments. Jared, Ryan and Amy all took cookies and milk home so we only ended up with 2 white and 2 chocolate milk and 2 doz. cookies all of which the boys enjoyed for the rest of the work week!

This was Justin's response to the email I sent him about the fireside:
"I hope you´re enjoying the 12 dozen donuts and milk (I literally laughed out loud in the Internet center when I read about Mom wanting a centerpiece with the cookies and milk---and just so you know Dad, I was thinking about putting the gallon of milk on the table as well)."
Obviously, I haven't taught him enough about women!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The stake is having a "Young Marrieds" fireside tonight and Jeff was assigned to do the refreshments, so that meant a trip to Costco yesterday where we bought 18 doz. cookies and 4 gal. of milk. We really don't have any clue how many people will be there. But they figured about 15 couples from each of the 4 wards, so that would make 120 people, maybe! So we bought the cookies and some of the milk at Costco and then went to Walmart to get 10 gals. of chocolate milk. While there Jeff was feeling a little unsure about our ability to feed that many people with only 18 doz. cookies! Remember these are not a bunch of Priest that would take 4 cookies each, or a bunch of High-Priest that, because of their cholesterol level, are taking their lives in their hands to take 1 cookie! Thus the dilemma, too many or not enough! Jeff chose to err on the side of having too much so he proceeded to buy 12 doz. mini-doughnuts, and for those crazy young-marrieds watching their weight, some bananas and grapes! Then there is always the differing opinions of the "presentation". There was talk of just putting the cookies and doughnuts out on a table (no tablecloth) in the plastic containers they come in, with the gallons of milk sitting next to them for each to pour/spill as they will. Now, if this was just for the men I would say, "have at it", but their wives will be there, away from the kids, this may be their date night for crying-out-loud! I guess you know where I'm going with this, no plastic containers on the table, platters of cookies, bowls of doughnuts and fruit, and cups (already poured) of milk, and of course a centerpiece of some kind. For all of you that don't know, you may as well learn now, that when women are involved it needs to be soft and pretty with plenty of chocolate! So I'll let you know next week if there were protests because of the lack of refreshments or if Jeff and I ended up with 10 doz. cookies, 8 doz. doughnuts and 7 gal. of milk for the two of us to eat!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cory & Amy
Jared & Julie, Joshua & Jeffrey
Jeff & Diane
Justin (our missionary)
Ryan & Kathrin
Jason & Kimberly, Cassidy, Courtney & Carter
Some time for pictures before Justin's farewell 
Cassidy - 8 yrs.
Courtney - 6 yrs.
Carter - 3 yrs.
Jeffrey - 3.5 yrs.
Joshua - 1 yr.
Grandma 29 yrs and holding!